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The First New Pyros Pictures in 15 Years

The Pyros
These pictures were taken in the Lake of Shadows Hotel in Buncrana on March 28th 2006. It was a warm and fun reunion only saddened by the bad news that the great Francie Mooney had passed away just minutes earlier.

The music must go on though and the rehearsal was laid back and fun and felt like we had never been apart.

John Cutliffe and Ciaran Tourish
John Cutliffe with Ciaran Tourish and Michael Gallanagh.
Kevin Doherty
Kevin Doherty
Pyros Live 2
Kevin Doherty and Laurence Doherty
Paul Rodden
Four Pyros! From Left; Michael Gallanagh, Kevin Doherty, Laurence Doherty and Ciaran Tourish
Paul Rodden
Paul Rodden
Michael Gallanagh and Paul Rodden
Pyros at Culdaff
Laurence tries to play fiddle
Michael Gallanagh
Michael Gallanagh
Pyros Singing
Ciaran Tourish tries and fails to play bass.

I have to say it has been a scary task editing these pictures. If you have any pictures of the Pyros please contact us at