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The Pyros now have a blog? Indeed we do. Just click HERE and join in the fun. We will try to update it as much as possible with news about what the various Pyros members are up to in the run up to the festival. Leave comments or just say hi online.

MySpace and Facebook now online
Now we have our own MySpace and FaceBook pages as well. They have just started so you can be one of the first friends to join us.

MySpace users click HERE

Facebook users click HERE

A Pyros History Map
Click on each placemark to see some information about these historic locations.
(Those of you who have Google Earth can even have a more fun view. Click on this View Larger Map link and then click on the KML link on top of the map to see the placemarks in Google's great 3D map program. When I did it I also discovered some beautiful pictures of our home town by John Fletcher and others.

View Larger Map