Coming Soon

Recent events in the beautiful state of Alabama have accelerated our plans to put Eclectic on the map. As you can see from this "in progress" website. we are working hard to create a living breathing music town where creativity and performance are what makes the area special. So while we build on the idea and strive to make the dream come true, you can help us with our plans to help those in need who have been hit hard by the recent tornadoes.

But our long term plans for Eclectic go beyond this benefit weekend. Keep coming back and you will get news of:

  • Substantial progress in making Eclectic "the" music town in the Southeast.

  • Announcements of events, concerts and festivals that are currently being planned for the area.

  • News of how the music will be shared with the local community and the world.

  • How we plan not only to entertain, but to teach.

  • Ways that you can be part of this dream.