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A lot of music has inspired me down through the years from straight forward simple pop music to dark and deep experimental pieces. But I am always drawn back to certain things, the fiddle playing from my dear old Donegal, the claw hammer banjo styles of the great mountain ranges that lay just north of where I live now. Songs about sailing across a vast ocean into new and scary worlds, trains rushing headlong into the darkness of the night or the tear jerking story of a lost love. Songs that tell stories, tunes with equal measures of joy and pain and playing of instruments that comes not just from talented fingers but from somewhere much deeper beyond the soul.


Even today in a musical landscape that is filled with computer generated content across all genres, there are still those souls, retelling the timeless and creating new and wonderful tunes and songs that will outlive many generations. So Across The Pond is influenced by so many and to begin to name them would be an endless list, and so I advise you to listen to the show and you can find your own list.

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